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The uniqueness of real estate market in Bahrain

The real estate market in Bahrain is different from other markets for many factors and reasons. It came in the forefront and at the head of all the global markets in general and the Arab in particular, as foreign and local investors began to engage in transactions and expand their portfolios in the real estate market in Bahrain increasingly.

The real estate market in Bahrain has shown strong flexibility in investment transactions, and it still maintains stable returns for investors. This is in addition to the facilities provided by the government of Bahrain to increase the activity of the real estate market in the Kingdom. This has led to attracting various investors which increased their profits by investing in the Bahrain real estate market.

There are some reasons why the real estate market in Bahrain is the most important investment market among countries including:

Tax Exemption

The Bahrain government has relaxed the restrictions on ownership and residence in the Kingdom. There have been no restrictions on the movement of capital for foreign investors. This has provided the opportunity to attract many investors from different countries. Bahrain has become one of the most attractive countries.

High Rental Revenues

The rental income in the Bahrain market has reached 12% due to the strict laws issued by the government to protect tenants from real estate owners, and the standard of living which Bahrain has made it one of the most attractive countries for workers and researchers stability, which led to high occupancy rates in real estate especially In Juffair, Seef, Muharraq and other parts of Bahrain.

Multiple projects under construction

This market is full of many real estate projects whose units have been sold on the map. The real estate market under construction in Bahrain, especially in high-demand areas, attracts many investors because of the doubling of profit in a short time.

High demand for real estate market

The real estate market in Bahrain is a market with high demand areas, making investors eager to launch large real estate projects in these areas, most of which are in freehold areas such as juffair and Amwaj islands.

Also, investors and tenants search for properties in Bahrain market, especially in the most populated areas provided in the real estate market, which increases the demand in the market.

Stability of the market

In spite of recent crises and difficulties in the real estate market, the real estate market in Bahrain has registered real flexibility and improved expectations, as it has maintained the stability of rents in the market, encouraging investors to invest in the Kingdom due to the percentage of profit it offers them.

Secure investment

The property market in Bahrain ensures investors achieve good profits and returns, even in a recession. Therefore, investors prefer to invest in it because it is one of the most secure markets for other investment, it is no matter how low its movement will resume activity again.

Providing entertainment in real estate projects

It is worth mentioning that the Bahrain market has provided many attractive projects whether for the investor or owner and tenant. The interest in the provision of service and entertainment facilities in any city or industrial island is one of the main reasons for the success of these projects and achieve financial profits for the investor and the state alike.

All these reasons were a real reason for the real estate market in Bahrain and its stability, which provided many properties in the Kingdom, and gave the investor many opportunities.

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